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Learning Counseling Center

Learning Counseling Center, denoted by LCC, was established to integrate the campus learning and counseling resources to enhance guidance service in learning and study. Our service includes:

  1. Individual consultation
  2. Group counseling
  3. Learning and Study strategies Inventory (LASSI) Survey
  4. School work guidance
  5. Hosting seminars or workshops (about learning and study strategy improvement)

LLC is located at Room 108 in third academic building,where you may find:

  • Books in counseling, management, and study skills
  • Consultant volunteer on duty

LLC future prospects:

  1. Provide LLC activities in a pluralistic and proactive manner
  2. Enhance relationships and cooperation with other departments on campus
  3. Process cases for consultation by networking
  4. Discover faculty potential in counseling and self-improvement
  5. Continue participating in any academic activity

Director: Prof. Chang, Ji-Cheng (Dept. of MAE)
Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London
Landline: 03-3809870#26; 03-3908703
E-mail: changjychen@gmail.com

Assistant: Asst. Prof. Yu, Huai-Te (Dept. of MAE)
Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering from University of Michigan
Landline: 03-3801126 ext. 316416#30
E-mail: ccitb03010@ndu.edu.tw