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Information Security Center

Information Security Center (ISC) was established to develop the cyber operation potential in the Armed Forces, promote the prospective study in information security technology, and provide information security related consulting services. The main business includes:

  1. Abide by the national defense policy to hold and participate in the Military and Military Academy Cyber Defense Exercises (MCDXs and MACDXs,) to introduce civil expertise through academic exchange
  2. Collaborate to participate in various domestic and international information security, cyber attack/defense forums, and related seminars
  3. Provide medium/advanced information security and cyber warfare related training courses for relevant personnel, and secure their qualified licenses through coaching mechanism
  4. Cooperate with the government administrative and national defense system to implement cyber warfare attack/defense exercises and provide professional technical consulting services, as well as conduct research and analysis according to current practices to provide professional advices
  5. Interest younger in information security for national defense through continuous cooperation and exchanges, academic researches, information security forums and practical trainings, so as to attract prominent juniors, reserve national defense talents, and increase information security potential

ISETC continues coaching and inspiring not only teachers but students to learn and obtain licenses through education, and our cadets have repeatedly outperformed in MND quotas for seminars such as international cyber attack/defense forums. We have continuously organized MCDXs and MACDXs yearly since 2017 with outstanding results.

Information Security Education and Training Center Information Security Education and Training Center

ISC will continue to conduct various projects by combining academics with practice and promote the implementation and development of information security related policy and technical capabilities in the Armed Forces, to achieve the goal of improving the information security and cyber warfare capabilities in the Armed Forces.

Director: Assoc. Prof. Chang, Ke-Chin
Assistant: Assoc. Prof. Luo, Chia-Ning
Landline: (03)3800627#26 LCDR Chang, Tao-hsiang (Navy)