Chung Cheng Institute of Technology(CCIT), the latter Army Institute of Technology, was renamed in October, 1966 by Ministry of National Defense. Combined with the Naval Institute of Technology and the Survey College of the Combined Service Force, it was relocated in Tashi, Taoyuan County in December 1968. The broad and appealing campus, estimated 64 hectares, has an abundance of lush vegetation and well-and-newly-equipped facilities. CCIT has added new departments, set up graduate schools, recruited professionals and supplemented facilities, which appears as the only institute of Science and Technology in Taiwan’s national military.

In line with the current national policy of building small and strong armed forces and improving military education, in May 2000 the Armed Forces University, National Defense Medical College, National Defense Management College, and Chung Cheng Institute of Technology were integrated into one university, National Defense University(NDU).

National Defense Medical College was detached from NDU later, and the Political Warfare College(aka Fu Hsing Kang College) was merged into NDU on September 1, 2006. CCIT starts education cooperation from 2019, and ought to cultivate qualified national defense technology personnel that can be both a fine scholar and a soldier, and excels in both mental and physical performances.

Chung Cheng Institute of Technology History

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