Basic Literacy and Core Ability

Undergraduate - Basic Literature and Core Abilities


Basic Literacy:

  • Military characteristics
  • Platoon level leadership
  • Capabilities for project management, effective communication, and teamwork
  • Capabilities for discover/analyze/handle problem
  • Recognize current issues, understand the impact of engineering technology to the environment, social as well as global; develop the habit of continuous learning
  • Understand professional ethics and social responsibility

Core Ability

  • Ability to apply math, science and engineer knowledge
  • Design/execute experiments, and the ability to analyze/interpret data
  • Ability to apply skills/techniques/tools that are required for engineering practices
  • Ability to apply design engineering systems, components, or processes


Graduate - Basic Literature and Core Abilities


Basic Literacy:

  • Professional ethics
  • Military professional capabilities
  • Education professions
  • Innovative thinking and ability to solve problems independently
  • Ability to cooperate and integrate with personnel form different areas
  • Superior international outlook
  • Leadership, management, and planning capabilities
  • Ability to self-learning throughout the career

Core Ability:

  • Expertise in specific national defense areas
  • Ability to plan/execute monographic studies
  • Capable of writing professional papers
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