Security Policy

To protect safety of your information and the information on the Website, the statement of information safety policy is hereby established for the Website.

1. Scope of Applicability

The safety policy of the Website is applicable to collection, use and protection of personal information involved while you are browsing the Website.  It is not applicable to any and all links put on the Website to connect to other websites.  When you go to another website by using any of the links, you are subject to the privacy protection and website safety policy of the new website.

2. Links to Other Websites

The information safety policy of the Website is only applicable to the website of Chung Cheng Institution of Technology, NDU. The Website may contain some hyperlinks that are not part of the Website or its webpage, and users might connect to any other website by using any of the hyperlinks.  No matter whether a website safety policy is established for the connected website and no matter what the contents of the safety policy are, the information safety policy of the Website is not applicable to the connected website.

3. Website Safety Measures and Regulations

An attempt without authorization to upload or change any service provided by the school or relevant information is strictly prohibited and may constitute an offense according to the law.  For the purpose of website safety and to ensure that the service can be provided continuously for all users, the Website is equipped with the following safety protection measures:

An intrusion detection system is used to monitor network traffic and identify any unauthorized attempt to upload or change information of the Website or intentionally destroy the Website.

A firewall is installed to prevent third parties from illegally hacking, destroying or stealing information and protect the Website from being used illegally in order to protect your rights and interests.

Antivirus software is installed to scan for viruses periodically in order to provide users with a safer environment where users browse webpages.

Vulnerability scanning is conducted periodically and appropriate safety and defensive measures are taken.

Backup operation is conducted periodically by creating copies of data on a backup computer system.

All notices of security maintenance sent via Email by operating system related suppliers and application providers are received automatically.  Proper PATCHes will be installed pursuant to suggestions given in these notices.

No data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.  The Website will make every effort to protect the security of the Website and your personal information.  However, as data transmission is also subject to the security of your online environment, we are unable to ensure secure transmission or receipt of the Website’s information.  You have to pay attention and assume all risks incurred from transmission of online information.  Please understand that any and all consequences of such risks are beyond the control of the Website.

4. Others

To effectuate the purpose of online safety protection, the information safety policy of the Website offered on the Website may be revised from time to time based on development of technology and science and subject to amendments to applicable laws and unforeseeable environmental change in the future.  Upon completion of any amendment to the information safety policy, we will post it on the Website immediately and use eye-caching marks to lead you to review the amendment.

If you have any question about any of the above terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us.

UpdateDate:2024/7/20 上午 11:18:04